TeleMediCare/ TeleRadiology Solution

‘TeleMedicine’ is defined as “use of electronic information and communications technologies (ICT) to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants.”

Features of PARAS TeleMedicare Solution

Communication & Information Technology are being used for real-time direct collaborative patient care.

PARAS addresses four areas where an ideal TeleMedicare revolves around:

Goal:                    Continuous Management

Data:                    Multi-disciplinary Care Record

Focus:                  Patient-centric, collaborative

Technology:          Multi-Point IP VPN [Synchronous]

                            Multi-Point IVRS [Synchronous]

                            Multi-Point Video-conferencing [Synchronous]

                            Multi-Point Call Centre [Asynchronous]

                            Multi-Point Store & Forward [Asynchronous]


 Functional feature of PARAS TeleMedicare

    • Emphasis on connection and partnership rather than isolation and self-sufficiency

    • Care is delivered seamlessly through a chain of interconnected disciplines

    • The network enables knowledge (expertise) to be distributed

    • Patients remain in their community while receiving expert care through this network

    • Clinical networks strengthen the role of primary care in acute health care

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