eClaim Management

PARAS e-Claim Management system is a web-based application that simplifies payer’s responsibility on accuracy improvement, non-tolerance on claims rejections/ denials as well smooth process and increases throughput. 

Payer Claim Settlement

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Step 2: Error Free accurate bill

Step 3: Proof of Medical Necessity

Step 4: Evidence of Medical Services Delivery


Mode of Accessibility

Entire system including claims submission, status of claims settlement, etc. is accessible through;

  • Internet
  • Smart phones
  • Cloud


Mode of Communication

  • Online: PARAS generates all the forms necessarily required by payer in electronic formats e.g., X12 or equivalent and have the ability to push the data directly to the payer’s system
  • Submission of claims via e-mail or fax: Option to export the required document in .pdf or .xls and submit the same via email or fax for settlement
  • Physical submission: The same document can also be printed and submitted physically to the payer for settlement in the required format e.g., UB04 or in the necessity format.
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