eHealth Framework

eHealth setup for govt. and public hospitals



The eHealth solution meets the following key goals:

  • Improve health outcomes of the population
  • Provide better healthcare services  to the population at lower costs 
  • Eliminate theft, waste, fraud and inefficiency 
  • Provide  diagnostic and corrective management information for better disease management 
  • Take advantage of technology and protect against obsolescence 
  • Enable phased roll out 
  • Leverage scarce resources such as doctors, specialists, nurses and  hospital beds 
  • Comply with various standards such as for example, The National Health Normative Standards Framework for Interoperability in eHealth


The key requirements of the healthcare solution are:

  • Portable and reliable patient demographic and clinical record (MPI -Unique Identifier)
  • Ability to capture real time clinical data on various devices
  • Ability to ensure customizable templates for various specialties so as to ensure implementation
  • Ability to construct a customized solution for each facility suitable to its needs
  • Ability to simultaneously update various systems such as clinical records, administration, inventory , pharmacy and accounting so as to eliminate fraud and waste.  No duplicate keystrokes 
  • Ability to asynchronously synchronize data for a cloud based solution, so that the system can be used in remote locations with limited or no infrastructure as well as in metropolis areas
  • Must stand on the four pillars of Governance, Patient Care, Standards and Audits & Controls 
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